Coursera: Now also for Russian “bookworms”

If you are a big fan of social e-learning, then you are definitely familiar with an online educational platform “Coursera”. The platform offers you a unique opportunity to visit more than 500 courses from different areas online, to learn from the most demanded professors and to get a certificate, which you can include into your CV or social business profile.
And now one more good news! If you are a native Russian speaker or have basic or advanced Russian language skills and interested in Russian business, it’s your day! 2014 the Higher School of Economics is planning to launch 12 courses in Russian language for Coursera community members. You can find almost every topic, which is significant for the fresh entrepreneurs, beginning with financial markets and work economy till the history of economical sciences and intercultural communications. Eight of the courses will be presented in Russian language, four further courses, including the lectures from the familiar linguist Mira Bergelson “Understanding Russians: Contexts of Intercultural Communication”, will run in English. The most courses will start during the first part of the year 2014.

courses HSE Coursera: Now also for Russian “bookworms”

The Higher School of Economics is the first adopter among the Russian universities and served as a best practice example for other higher education schools, like the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Saint Petersburg State University, which will present their lectures with the main focus on tech topics, bioinfomatics, biology and medicine on Coursera next year respectively.

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