Czech Effie: Social Media is again and again a surprise!

At the end of November the Czech Effie awards ceremony for the most efficient campaigns took place at Lucerna cinema in the heart of Prague. Seven different categories revealed twenty one awarded projects and confirmed that digital communication and particularly social media is a natural part of almost all successful campaigns. Let’s take a brief look at my personal TOP 3, which used social media at its best.

Brno hockey patriots

Heineken brewery, the owner of Starobrno beer brand, had to face raising popularity of local beer brands produced by small breweries. The company decided to take an advantage of their long term local hockey team sponsorship and to bring the local patriotism into the foreground of the campaign. Focusing on “the Brno boys” as a primary target group (male 18-29), the agency shoot Kometa Brno “Ode to joy” video clip, which immediately went viral. Supported only with YouTube ads and promotion through the  Starobrno Facebook page  it reached 170 000 views. Compared to last year the number of sold beers raised by 14% in January. The campaign designed by WM Communication won third prize in the Beverages category.

Czech and Slovak Samsung Facebook page

Most of the consumer electronics brands already have its presence on Czech and Slovak social media channels, but Samsung, as one of the most social devoted brands, is doing an absolutely great job in this field. Starting in December 2011 company reached over 400 000 followers and became one of the biggest CZ/SK Facebook pages. About 60% of media budget (less than 200 000 EUR) was invested new fans acquisition, 30% for targeted promoted posts (to increase the reach of page posts) and the rest was spent on Page app support.

Samsung CZ SK Czech Effie: Social Media is again and again a surprise!

As a result, Samsung is able to reach 600 000 unique users daily (in average), keeping engagement rate at 1,8% (about five times more than average page of this size). Also customer care is on outstanding level. Dedicated team, consisting of two social media managers, receives daily around 32 comments, which must be managed within four hours and also at the weekends. What makes this “campaign” special is, with no doubts, the price per reach, which is almost hundred times lower than average Czech TV ad. That is why the Silver Effie in Consumer goods category went to Leo Burnett Prague agency.

Sixty thousands “recycling stories”

This case is a kind of self-promotion since I was a member of the team designing the campaign for EKO-KOM, a major Czech recycling company.  In the past we had to face many myths associated with recycling, so we decided to create a community of dedicated enthusiasts in order to provide them with a reliable and educational information sources and to establish one-to-one communication. Since we focused on producing high engaging content, only 15% of budget was spent on advertising.

recycling Czech Effie: Social Media is again and again a surprise!

At the end of the day the community had about 50 000+ dedicated users; the average daily engagement rate stands at 0,71%. Our fans created over 62 000 stories at price of 0,04 EUR per story. Havas Worldwide Prague got Bronze Effie in “Small budgets” category.


This year’s Effie confirmed one more time a continuous growing significance of social media as a part of marketing mix and also the fact, that more and more companies understand the necessity of an individual approach, activating social media channels.

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