Digital tourism – experience ahead of the destination

Have you ever thought about why tourists choose your destination?  What kind of experience are they serching for?

Now it’s time for the tourist suppliers to focus on other values but also to improve and personalize their online appearance. In order to introduce you to the digital changes in tourism, there’s no better way than to talk to the digital expert from one of the most famous EU tourist destinations – Croatia.

Nikola Vrdoljak  CEO of the digital agency Gingernet Digital tourism – experience ahead of the destination

Nikola Vrdoljak, CEO of the digital agency Gingernet

Nikola Vrdoljak, CEO of the digital agency Gingernet, explains what innovative business models work well in the digital tourism. As a digital professional and a traveling enthusiasts who travels the world for  both business and pleasure, Nikola explains that the time has come when a destination is replaced by a real experience and that’s exactly what  tourism should focus on when going digital.

If you are in a tourism business, you ought to understand the true reasons online travelers seek when searching for travelling opportunities. It’s either to run away from their everyday life or to „inhale“ a new experience.

There is a great example of what Nikola means when mentioning „a real experience“. Lord of the rings has been filmed in New Zealand and ever since, that destination has conquered  many other attractive ones. Why?

Because everyone wants to take part in their favorite movie – says Nikola.

He also mentions the Kings Landing location (Game of Thrones), which has been filmed in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

kings landing scene re created photo 7412699 770tall Digital tourism – experience ahead of the destination

Kings Landing scene re-created (Source:, Dubrovnik Tours)

This is the true experience I’m talking about. You should provide the tourists with the experience they saw in their favourite movies or TV series. Let them take part. – says Nikola.

Nikola brings out Airbnb as a perfect example of  a great customer support who provides an amazing experience with the real feeling of being a part of the chosen destination.

Local experience, which also includes local food, customs, festival, is what the tourists look for. You can check some of the shared experiences via and

Sending the right message is what Nikola highlights as another important part of the digital tourism. He says collecting and analyzing data is very recommendable because that helps shaping a personalized message, sending it to the right guest and hence turning your online visitor into your long-term guest.

Packaging and consolidation with all the local suppliers is more than welcome. Having a whole tourist offering in one system presents a very effective turnover in tourism. Sellers in one destination should all profit from selling one another, offering a very practical service to an each guest. One of such example is the Norwegian based on

Being a part of the both digital and tourism world, as a programme director of the Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj, the biggest marketing festival in the SEE region, Nikola presents a quick advice for everyone who is creating an innovative online approach in their tourist offers:

Create storytelling, sell experience, personalize your offers. You can’t go wrong with that!

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