E-Commerce trends in Russia 2013

According to the recent research made by Gemius company, E-commerce segment in Russia shows a continuous growth of Real Users interested in this market segment. In comparison to the last year, there are now 13,21% new E-commerce consumers, which is 5M more than 2012 (October 2013: 44.86 M Real Users).

The average number of users, visiting E-commerce portals in October 2013 increased from 6,39M to 6,99M in the same period of the last year.

An interesting fact, it is not only an increase of the users number, but a special interest in a particular content like fashion, electronics and others. The number of page views per visitor and time by visitor has increased significantly in comparison to October 2012 (36.94% / 29.91%)

The Russian digital market is growing rapidly and has much potential. At the moment Internet penetration is about 52% in the whole country, but this number will grow mostly because of an intensive usage of mobile internet. Gemius could find out that many E-commerce market players started to create mobile applications for iOS and Android and to adapt their websites for multiscreening.

Finally the research results showed that big international E-Commerce giants like eBay, Amazon, Taobao and Aliexpress begin to penetrate the Russian market intensively. Last year their total reach was by 4.57%, in 2013 it grew up to 15.2%. And we suppose that the number will consistently increase.  You can find more detailed information about E-Commerce market in Russia in presentation below.


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