Gemius: 82% of the Russia Onliner use Yandex for search

On the 23th of September Yandex celebrated its seventeenth birthday. We want to congratulate the Yandex team on the past success and to wish all the best for the following years.
On this occasion the research company Gemius published its annual analysis of the Internet usage in Russia. The result are not really surprising, according to the research eight from 10 Russian users use Yandex for searching for information on the Internet.

Near the search sevices, Yandex also offers its users some more attractive services. The most favorite verticals are Yandex mail, Yandex photos, Yandex maps and videos. Moreover according to the survey the Russian Internet users spend usually on around seven hours per month, generating about 172 views per user. And last but not least in overall the Russian Internet users visits around 10 billion Yandex pages monthly, looking for the latest fashion or tehchnology trends, shopping or just searching for some information.

time spent on yandex Gemius: 82% of the Russia Onliner use Yandex for search

Besides the analysis of the Russian audience Gemius was also curious about the usage of Yandex Search in other countries, especially in direct Russian neighbours and in Central & Eastern Europe. According to the current data the most active Yandex users come from Belorussia, where 52% of the online population search on Furthermore despite of current political situation about 45% of the Ukrainian users are still surfing on And finally 43% of the turkish Internet users take the results of search dailyinto consideration. Google is still the winner in other Eastern European countries, like Slovakia, Slovenia and Poland. Only 3% of the Polish Internet users search on

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