How Russian users consume Internet (2012 – 2013)

According to the data, presented by international research and consulting company Gemius, Russian internet web audience in June 2013 was on the level of 63,48M users. This data shows increasement for 13,49% in comparison with the data for the last year.

Due to the analysis of average number of web-sites users per day, June 2013 also shows a positive growth data for 10.46%, from 27,6M users to 30,6M users.

There is an argues on Russian Internet market, that main web audience on Runet landscape consist of women, and we prove it. In June 2013, the share of women audience was on the level of 52,35%, but, what’s interesting – we see some fall in data from the last year. In June 2012 there was 52.44% of women in Runet.

Top Internet platforms in Russia

Which portals are in the list of TOP-5 leaders by reach of whole Runet real users? From June 2012 to June 2013 we haven’t seen any changes – it was Yandex on the first place (85,42% / 82,20%), (84,80% / 80,33%), and social network (68,58% / 64,94%). Google, placed on the forth place in 2012 with real users reach for 64,59%, has falled to the fifth poisiton, showed the reach parameters for 54,78% of whole RuNet audience. Social network Odnoklassniki, in front of the same, has increased their popularity and get from the fifth position in 2012 to forth in June 2013, but at the same time showed the negative dynamic of reach fall from 61.58% to 55.55%. What is interesting – we see the dynamics of audience decline in June 2013 compared with June 2012 on all portals.

TOP for the portals by total audience reach probably will not change, but it would be interesting to see who will take the 1st place in June 2014: Yandex or

Let’s take a look at the popularity of resources in a little different angle, namely the parameters Audience Composition, Time Composition and Page Views Composition.

Looking for the web-sites audience composition by gender, the leaders by the number of Men on web-sites pages in June 2013 was (83.08%), (82,59%) and (80,45%). Women showed their interest to the next sites: (88,93%), (79,08%) and (77,18%). Why this portlas become the leaders? Rather than large portals?

Answer is simple – the number of real users on this portals is significantly lower than the audience of Yandex, and and because of it’s more clearly visible the interest of target audience to the content of this sites so we can definitely call them as “only men” or “only women”.

Going to the question regarding the users income level, we would like firstly clarify such issue that the average income level in Russia in June 2013 was on the level of 31 200 roubles / per person (Source: Quote /

Comparing the data for June 2012 and June 2013, we can see a positive dynamic of increasement for average salary level of Runet web users.

audience income How Russian users consume Internet (2012   2013)

Audience composition by users income level in June 2012 and June 2013. Source: gemiusAudience Fusion, Russia, 18+, cities 100K+

While looking on internet users by their occupation, we would like to start form the Top-Management and Owners of the Small Business. In June 2013 we can see a growth of their number for 600 000 real users in comparison with the last year to the level of 5,89M users.

If in June 2012, in the TOP by audience composition for this target audience group was portals, related to finance and accounting – Finam (25,90%), Federal Tax Service  web-site (24,77%), (23.26%), (20,97%), this picture has changed this year – we can see in the leaders such web-sites, as bank site (23,30%), drivers social network (22,47%, car manufacturer – (20,19%), and (19,49%). With full confidence we can say that the non-working life took precedence over everyday work and challenges.

Middle-Management audience (Middle managers / department heads) has showed growth for 414 000 users in June 2013. In June 2012, on the first place for them was a portal section about Estate on (21,31%), after which is going a cosmetic brand (18,96%) and auto spares e-shop (18,40%). In June 2013 the 1st place is taken by (24,96%), after which is coming the auto-police web-site – (24,86%) and business social network – (24,61%).

Specialists and Chief Specialists showed growth for 1,07M real users to the level of 8,72M through the whole Runet in June 2013. Their highest number was fixed on the pages of group buying portal – (38, 27%). Second place was taken by news portal “Moscow News” – (32,05%) and on the last but not the least position we can see another section of, Goods  – with audience composition in 31,73%. Due to the data for the last year, we can say that audience was more interested in buying some electronics or household on e-shop – (29,74%), second was (25,81%) and the last – news on (25,22%)

What is interesting, for unemployed users we haven’t seen job portals in the TOP ranking. First place is taken by news portal (97,90%), after which is going entertainment portal (95,92%) and web-site for parents (86,85%)

In the last analysis data we want to highlight single women and single men in June 2013, by the composition of the time spent on pages of the portals. The male part of the audience spent most of their time on (88,32%), (87,36%) and (84,83%). Last year showed us another TOP-3 ranking – (69,10%), (66,37%) and (65,01%)

Russian Internet audince will continue its growth and if the rates will be on the same level of 13% – 15%,  in June 2014 we may expect that Runet will cover 73M users from the whole population of Russia in the age of 18-55+. Audience for web-messengers, such as Skype, ICQ will grow for 3-4% to the level of 45,85M. users. As the number of women in the population of Russia is higher than men, we will see the further growth in the number of female viewers in RuNet.

As an example, we would like to show the change in popularity of web-sites through women audience for a period from June 2010 to June 2013.

women preference How Russian users consume Internet (2012   2013)

A popularity of Runet web-sites through women audience in June 2010 – June 2013, by composition of page views. Source: gemiusAudience Fusion, Russia

To know more about the Internet usage in Russia, check out the presentation below.


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