Kazakhstan the next big Internet market

The international research company Gemius made a great infographic, which sketched the results of Russian-speaking markets analysis, published in November 2013. One of the main key-takeaways of the research  – Kazakhstan is the next big Internet market within the post soviet online landscape.
The results are amazing: more than a half of Kazakhs, 54%, are active Internet users. That is more than in Ukraine, but still less than in Russia and Belarus. An interesting fact is that especially women are active on the Internet (53%). Also the generation of digital natives, who are younger than 25 years old are in majority.
As to the Social Networks usage, the leader is and stays the Russian second biggest social platform “MoiMir”, which belongs to Mail.Ru Group, followed by VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.
As expected the most Kazakh users prefer to search on Yandex (84%) and on Mail.Ru (82%), which shows the definite superiority of the Russian Internet companies in Kazakhstan.

Kazachstan is definitely besides Ukraine and Russia one of the several Eastern-European markets with a large development potential in online business, which should be considered by the Western companies.

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Internet in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus (Source: Gemius.com)

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