Looking back on Social Marketers Summit in Prague 2013

On the 30th of October took place the Social Marketers Summit 2013 in Prague. It was the third edition of the event and this year I had a unique opportunity to visit it myself  and to speak about the Social Media and Digital Convergence in the CEE countries.

The conference, which is organized by Pavel Hacker, Jakub Svoboda and Vojta Bednář,  offers you an exclusive experience to meet both international speakers like Kyle Findlay from Capetown, South Africa and Kris Hoet from Antwerp, Belgium; and national Social Media specialists and gurus, who presented remarkable cases and marketing strategies.
This year the main topic of the Social Marketers Summit was “Crossing the lines”, as far as Social Media Marketing is much more than Facebook or Twitter. It is more about the convergence of Social Media with our daily life and this is a significant development for brands, which should not be ignored in any way. It is not enough to post a status or some cat content, it is more about to communicate with the user and let him tell a story about you during his daily activities.

The main key-takeaways of the Social Marketers Summit 2013:

1.  Social Currency (Kris Hoet). It is not enough to start conversation in Social Media, it is more about the giving people a story to tell, to provoke conversation and make your story to be a social subject. You can achieve it by creating the campaigns, which are worth discussing, sharing and remembering;  making them entertaining and surprising, irreverent and unexpected, just awesome! So go for it, be agile and you’ll get success.

2. Gamification (Kyle Findlay). Social media is the most precise example for integration of gamification in our everyday life, beginning from Farmville, Foursquare, Klout and ending by Facebook, which is actually the best instrument for creating behavior. Why is it addictive? Because there are so many factors, which influence our brain: reward for effort, endorsement from the  social community, rapid and frequent feedback like on Twitter, which stimulates the further activities and overlapping goals. Definitely  – social media is a drug of the 21st century.

3. The research of TNS Czech Republic confirmed the local primacy of Facebook and its intensive usage of both usual users and brands respectively. The most time Czech users spend their time on Facebook in order to communicate with friends and to win new contacts; entertainment and getting information are the further significant motifs for Facebook usage.


4. Lidl Czech Republic makes a great job on Facebook. The local PR team, which won already 150K fans with their “natural” social media strategy, tries to be authentic and communicates with users on on an equal footing. Simple self-made images, emotional, provocative content and special campaigns like “Night Shopping in pyjamas” guarantees the long-term customer retention.

Finally, the yearly after-party rounded an exciting and informative day. And if you wanted to proceed some discussions or to make new acquaintances, that was the very possibility to handle.
So are you curious now? Then don’t hesitate and come next year to the fourth edition of Social Marketers Summit in Prague. Pavel, Jakub and Vojta are waiting for you!

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