Marketing experts supporting Croatian green economy

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Zelena Ideja

A new project by the Croatian Association of Communications Agencies and its partners has recently introduced public with a mutual goal of helping one of the most perspective industries nowadays. The fast-growing green economy in Croatia has been foreseeing a promising future while the number of eco manufacturers is increasing each year. Being aware of the trend and the change it will make on the economy, Croatian Association of Communications Agencies along with its partners lunched Zelena Ideja and showed an important role of marketing in the future development of the Croatian economy.

The founders of the project are respected marketing professionals with their long experience in running community-oriented projects. Damir Ciglar, the CEO of Croatian Association of Communications Agencies also runs the creative agency Imago and Nikola Vrdoljak, the project manager, is also the CEO of the digital agency Gingernet.

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“Zelena ideja” Damir Ciglar, Nikola Vrdoljak and team.

Engaging marketing experts in this project presents a perfect chance for eco manufacturers to win a free market promotion as well as a quality marketing support they couldn’t afford.

Damir Ciglar adds:

Croatian Association of Communications Agencies aims to make positive changes within the Croatian economy . Due to the fact that a variety of eco manufacturers in Croatia are relatively small and their budgets don’t allow them to engage with marketing professionals, we believe this project will make a significant change in evolution of this industry.“

The project, its initiators and experts share the same goal in motivating eco manufacturers to participate in the growth of the green economy in Croatia.

Nikola Vrdoljak, the project managers, says:

„Trends in the Croatian market signalize the growth of the eco manufacturers but their production is still unsatisfactorily compared to the unlimited demand for the domestic market, tourism and direct export. We believe this project will change the current situation and that it will positively influence their market position as well as their level of competitiveness“.

Zelena Ideja has been presented as a competition, leaving enough space for any eco manufacturer to apply. The winners will be provided with a media space, creative solution, promotion and marketing strategy. They will have an opportunity to present themselves during an exhibition in Zagreb next April but also during the Days of Communication and the Weekend Media Festival in 2014.
Members of jury include Boban Peijć from Biovega, a company offering domestic and foreign natural and organic products but also Domagoj Račić from Knowledge Network, a consulting company specialized in strategic consultancyventure capital investments, project development and management. The project is supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)  and the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture but it will definitely have its followers outside of Croatia, too.

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