Mobile Commerce in Poland

Mobile commerce has started to form a large part of the e-commerce market in Poland. Apps and mobile websites have now become a link between offline and online shopping.

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80% of polish online shoppers are still using laptops or PCs, the remaining 20% of traffic derives from mobile devices, such as Tablets (5,6%) and smartphones (14,6).As the rapport “Mobile commerce in Poland 2013” showed, Poles are still skeptic towards mobile shopping. Instead many are following so-called “showrooming” tactics, where shoppers browse through goods in traditional retail stores without conducting a purchase, but then shop online to find a lower price for the same item. About 33% of people asked during the market research scroll through the website without any purchase, which is far more than Poles might be a difficult market but there are reasons for them to be skeptic towards mobile shopping. Developers don’t realize that the website can’t just be copied identically from the desktop to the mobile device. Some shops don’t even bother to optimize for mobiles and tablets, nor is their website easy to navigate.

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Devices used while online shopping (Source: “Mobile commerce w Polsce 2013“

Tablet users are much more active consumes than any other mobile device owner. Around 1.1 million Poles have their own Tablet, with about 10% purchasing online. Roughly 20% of this group completes mobile transactions using Apple tablets, and this trend is constantly growing.

Tablet consumers are not only more active but also spend about 10% more money on a single purchase.

The article “Mobile commerce in Poland 2013” showed that mobile commerce in Poland is growing slowly. More people buy smartphones and tablets, but not all of them are using it for online shopping. There is still a lot of work to be done from both the consumer as well as the retailer. However, the main problem is mobile payment, which is used by just 4% of polish consumers. On the other hand, not all of the shops have developed online payment systems.

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