„Odnoklassniki“ now with face detection

One of the most popular social networks in Russia “Odnokolassniki”, which belongs to Mail.Ru Group, announced the launch of the face detection technology, developed by the company “Kuznech”.

From now on, if you are searching for friends or relatives within the network, Odnoklassniki lists first the profiles, which definitely include a “clear” content. That means the top ten profiles has a well-recognizable avatar with a human face. Moreover the new service enables a simple tagging of friends on the pictures.

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Odnoklassniki Face Detection technology

The face detection algorithm makes it possible to moderate the content in automatic mode. It is able to recognize the faces both on portraits and group photos, even if the head is tilted to different sides.

Every day Odnoklassniki’s users upload from 12 up to 18 million photos. Thereby seven million photos include private content and must be moderated. Usually about 10% of those fail the moderation and will be deleted.

Ilya Grabovski, the press officer of Odnoklassniki, commented the new product launch as follows: “Our intention is to make the search process for our users much easier. We try to adapt our technology to the latest trends and to make the search results more precise and relevant. That’s why we chose “Kuznech” company for this cooperation. We are absolutely convinced that our new technology will make a significant contribution in the improvement of search in Odnoklassniki”.

What do you think about the new face detection technology of Odnoklassniki? Is it a nice feature or more an intrusion in the privacy of social network’s users?

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