„Runet Prize“2013: The best Internet projects in Russia

Last week in Russia was highlighted by the Internet event of the year. The annual “Runet Prize 2013”, which is organized by the Russian Academy of Digital Communications and Coordination Center for TLD RU, took place the 10th time in Moscow. “The Runet Prize” is the national award of the Russian Federation, which goal is to honor top Russian digital projects, business leaders and media corporations in several categories.

Source: Runet Prize 2013 (premiaruneta.ru)

Among the award’s partners are such big Internet media and telecommunication magnates like “Rosttelekom”, the venture company “RVK”, Moscow Centre of innovative development, WebReady, Safe Internet League, RIA Novosti, Mail.ru Group, m24,ru, SoftKey and others.
This year there were about 700 applications and only 49 came into the short list. So let’s take a look at happy winners.

Science and education

  •   “Technopark” – a joint project of Mail.ru Group and Moscow State Tech University was awarded for a successful solution, which goal is to develop an educational program for professionals of IT industry.
  •    “Ashmanov and Partners” – one of the leading internet marketing agencies got an award for the innovative educational activities on the Internet.
  •   Informational portal Digit.ru, which belongs to RIA Novosti, was awarded for a progressive project “Technique Business” devoted to development of start-up scene in Russia.
  •  Educational platform Zillion, where the users get a unique opportunity to take part in diverse webinars for free, got a “Runet Prize” for development of the E-learning trends in Russia.

Health, entertainment and free time

In this category the winners became i.e.:

  •  The Russian literature club with projects “Stihi.ru” and “Proza.ru”, which were awarded for the creation of the biggest social networks for hobby writers and poets.
  • The project of RIA Novosti “Weekend.ru”, where the users can find all the information about how and where to spend their free time, from wellness and party till action and culture.
  • All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company was awarded for the project “FilmPro.ru”, devoted to the news from cinema and television industry.

State and society

  •  Public Opinion Foundation got an award for the project “Russian Public Initiative”, an Internet platform, where the users can start their initiatives and look for like-minded persons.
  •  One more project of RIA Novosti “RAPSI” (Russian Legal Information Agency) was awarded with Runet prize for providing its readers with exclusive information directly from the press services of courts of all levels and competencies.
  • Mail.ru got one more Runet prize for the service of good deeds “Dobro Mail.ru”.

Among other projects, which got the most wanted Internet prize in Russia are business platforms “Uniteller “ (Electronic playment) and “MyCallSystems”, news platform “SmartNews.ru”, tech wonders like Cloud.Mail.Ru and My-Apps; and informational resources for start-ups i.e. Hopes&Fears and RusBase.

If you want to know more about the “Runet Prize” and its winners 2013, just visit the official page of the award.

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