Seznam and its “Islands”. Copycat or innovation in search?

For some weeks during the October Digital weeks in Moscow Yandex presented the beta version of Yandex.Islands. This is a special method to present the search results in form of rich snippets, where the users can directly complete his customer journey without being forwarded to the webmaster’s homepage. Another leader among the Eastern European search engines, Seznam, didn’t lose time and announced the launch of its own advanced rich snippets within the SERP. Similar to Yandex, till now Seznam runs its innovation in a beta phase and only VIP webmasters can test the new feature. After the test period the management of Seznam plans to launch the Islands also on the territory of Slovakia, at the domain The new functions

The new search results of Seznam looks a bit different as of Yandex. While on Yandex the users see the advanced rich snippets on the first positions, following by the usual search results, on Seznam the search results are arranged in an absolutely new way, in form of a matrix, with big thumbnails, adapted for responsive design and brand new mobile devices.

seznam hledani screenshot Seznam and its Islands. Copycat or innovation in search? Search (Source: Blog

Meanwhile the mobile users are already able to use the new technology, as far as together with the new SERP design introduced a mobile application, which name is barely original – By installing the app, which is for now available only for Android devices, the users can access a specially developed browser, which makes it possible for surfers to access all the services of Seznam, like weather forecast, email box and news. An interesting fact, is that this summer Yandex also introduced the mobile version of its own browser. Similar to Seznam app, it includes smart widgets, which enable the users to get to the necessary information by one click.

aplikace vyhledavani1 Seznam and its Islands. Copycat or innovation in search? Mobile (Source: Blog

Just to recap, Seznam had already a long-termed experience in cooperation with Yandex. Both companies collaborate  and support each other during many years in regards to different projects, in order to save their  local leadership. 2011 the Czech search pioneer launched its video search based on technology, which was developed and implemented by Yandex. So Seznam Islands is not the first result of their cooperation and we are looking forward to the future innovations.

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Seznam and its "Islands". Copycat or innovation in search? , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating