Social Marketers Summit 2013 in Prague

The 30th of October will be the day of Social Media Marketing in Prague, it is the day where diverse branch experts will visit Social Marketers Summit in order to exchange their know-how and to present the worldwide trends of Social Media space. Every year the conference offers world-class speakers accompanied by Czech market leaders. Among the guests there were: the owner of 10 Cannes Lions awards and viral marketing master Ed Robinson, Igor Beuker from WPP or David Orlic from Volontaire, Stockholm agency awarded many Cannes prizes including the Grand Prix for ‘Curators of Sweden’ campaign; and journalists from Mashable, AllTwitter or SocialTimes. The organizators of summit are also eager to discover new exciting speakers from Czech  Republic and Slovakia like Michal Pastier from Zaraguza or Petr Simecek from Keboola. In addtition, not every marketing festival has offered welcome speech in style of the boxing gala event or hip-hop style theme including real onstage DJ. This year doesn’t want to stay behind and offers amazing Duval Guillome agency or Kyle Findlay from TNS Global.

socialsummit 2 Social Marketers Summit 2013 in Prague

Social Marketers Summit 2013 in Prague

Te subbtitle ‘Crossing the Lines’ stands for the increasing importance of social media ‘outside’ the social media themselves. You have surely noticed that we more and more often register and log-into websites using Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin logins. Mobile applications and customer care co-operate vastly with Facebook. Apparently, we will use Facebook even for processing payments in the near future.  Twitter is getting connected with the TV broadcasting. Simply said, Social Media are expanding and Summit is going to examine this phenomenon very thoroughly.

The second topic for this year’s conference is entertainment and games – especially in the terms of using them as a tool in marketing, sales and business. One of the trending themes of this year is gamification – application of game principles to routine, boring, and compulsory activities. We will welcome Kyle Findlay, Senior Researcher of TNS Global agency from South Africa and his gamified presentation on gamification. Kris Hoet, head of the digital department of Duval Guillaume, will speak about brilliant campaigns of this agency, such as the most shared advertisement ever Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square, thrilling Amazing mind reader reveals his gift’ made for Febelifin bank, Unlock the 007 in you‘, or guerilla against trafficking women that hit media all over Europe.

In the Czech section you can look forward to the study about using the social media in the Czech Republic ‘Czech on-line’ by TNS Aisa. Sparta Praha, a football club are using Social Media for both community pestering and sales, holding the biggest Google+ account for instance. In the agency&client’s presentation will be (partly) revealed the recipe for success of LIDL Czech.

The host of the festival would be as usual one of the organisers, Pavel Hacker (BrandzFriendz) and, according to the Summit’s tradition; it won’t be just an ordinary hosting…

One-day conference Social Marketers Summit takes place on 30th October in Bio OKO cinema in Prague. Registration begins at 8:15 AM, supposed end of the conference is at 5 PM. After the conference all guests will be welcome to attend the official afterparty. More information about the Summit is to be found on its website and also on our Facebook and Twitter.

Partners of Social Marketers Summits are: Scholz & Friends, BrandzFriendz,  TNS Aisa, Kofola, Triad Advertising, media partners are: Marketing & Média,, and



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