Social Media Landscape in Romania

Social Media plays for Romanian marketers a significant role, since the digital infrastructure offers diverse options, which can’t be ignored. If you are a brand or a digital agency, which is planning to enter the Romanian market, furthermore you can find several facts about the Social media landscape, which will make your decision easier and create a base for strategy building.

Social Media Usage and Internet Penetration in Romania

Social media usage in Romania is focused mainly around Bucharest and a few big cities in other regions – Cluj & Timisoara, mostly. As well as geographical limits for internet activity, social demographics show that the largest age group using social media is currently 25-34, followed by the users 18-24.

The Internet penetration rate reached 53% on a national level, which means around 9 million Romanians are already on the web (Gfk). In this context, 58% of all Romanian users are inclined to find out more about products they are interested in online. And, what is crucial for e-commerce development, they are making buying decisions online.

Another interesting fact is that more and more Romanians go mobile – smartphones represent 50% of the total mobile phone sales in 2013. Tablets are also on a positive trend.

Social media is the only channel with a positive trend, while TV, print & OOH are decreasing – not a good news for marketers. The top social brands that understood the importance of social media in Romania are coming from telecom & FMCG. Vodafone, Samsung, Avon, Lidl and Pepsi area mong the top 5 visible brands in social media (Biz Magazine), with great strategies and impactful campaigns.

SMiR oct Social Media Landscape in Romania

Social Media in Romania (Source:

The launch of encouraged the use of video as a strong component in marketing & communication campaigns. The V-loggers are also trying to come up with quality content. This makes video adoption the strongest trend in Romanian social media. And there is more about video content – the integration with the TV ads.

Facebook dominates in the top of the most popular social networks, with 6,6 million users in Romania. By the end of 2014 probably all Romanians using the Internet will have an account on Facebook. Second place goes to LinkedIn, where 1,2 million Romanians developed their professional network., a local platform for young users, reached 690,000 accounts. No wonder that almost every campaign includes Facebook in its strategy.  Social Media Landscape in Romania


This is the Romanian social media landscape, growing in a rough economy climate, capturing & surprising attention to audiences, influencing buying decisions – mostly on FMCG brands, telecom & tech, beauty and less on luxury brands. So what are you waiting for?

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