Top 10 Ukrainian Brands on Facebook (September 2013)

Socialbakers published a new report regarding the activity of Ukrainian brands on Facebook in September 2013. Observing the reporting from august, it can be recognized, that there are clear leaders and beginning from the fifth place we can observe a real battle for climbing to the top.

How predictable it can be for the Ukrainian users, the first place belongs as the last month, to the beer brand “Chernigivske” (“Чернігівське”) with 163 438 fans, who are really having fun on Facebook, taking part in diverse contests and learning the recipes of special beer sorts in an interactive way. The biggest online shop, which is the Ukrainian “brother” of Amazon, takes the second place by achieving in September round 130,7K Facebook fans. Finally the third place goes to Chezz Music with almost 130K fans, which is actually a music community, which belongs to the leader of Facebook Marketing – the beer brand “Cernigivske”.
In comparison with the ranking from August, Stella Artois got lots of fans’ attention and climbed from the 8th to the 5th place, kicking out another beer brand Staropramen Ukraine. One of the most popular Ukrainian mobile providers life:) unfortunately left the Top 10 and gave up its position to another telecommunication giant “Kyivstar”. The most interactive content is and stays “cats and dogs”.

See below the whole list of the Top 10, including the number of Facebook fans and engagement  rate within the separate community.

Top 10 of Ukrainian brands on Facebook according to the fan numbers (September 2013)


top 10 Top 10 Ukrainian Brands on Facebook (September 2013)

 Top 5 Ukrainian brands on Facebook by Post Engagement Rate

ENgagement Rate Top 10 Ukrainian Brands on Facebook (September 2013)

 Top 5 most socially devoted Ukrainian brands on Facebook 

socially devoted Top 10 Ukrainian Brands on Facebook (September 2013)


As already earlier mentioned, the last week Jan Rezab and Socialbakers team presented the analytics tool also for the Russian Social Networking giant VKontakte. For now near VKontakte Socialbakers also includes statistics about Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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