Top Romanian Social Brands in 2014

Last week, in Romania were nominated the most active and representative social brands. 50 brands are included in this top and Vodafone, Samsung and AVON got the podium, as for them social media is an important and valued tool.

Vodafone had the biggest campaign on Facebook last year, launching a popular Facebook page called “Ghita Shepherd”, inspired by a local character.

Samsung is one of the most social devoted brand worldwide and  very popular among Romanians as well, as far as it’s social media actions and effort were big.
AVON has the best company blog with their own articles and guest-posts – great content that sometimes got viral.
LIDL was probably one of the biggest surprises getting a 4th position, though in the previous edition was not very popular in social media. LIDL was the first commercial brand that reached 1 million likes on Facebook in Romania.

Find the full list of the most Social Brand in Romania below:

Tabel TSB 2014 bun Top Romanian Social Brands in 2014

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