Ukrainians buy more and more online!

In our previous articles about E-Commerce it was emphasized that online shopping market in RuNet is growing significantly day by day. People begin to trust in this technology, moreover online shops managers feel the pressure of the growing marketing and try to propose the best service.

In 2013 the sales number in Ukrainian E-Commerce in different good categories increased by 6-12%. Still the leading categories are electronic and household goods. The goods from this category were bought by 73% of all online shoppers, which is 9% more than 2012. The most popular products are mobile phones, e-books and computers. Yes, Ukrainians love technique, whatever it costs. This trend has already a huge influence on sales volume of offline shops, as far as people just don’t want to overpay for the same product, which is available online.

The second place as in the years before belong to fashion, make-up, perfumery and presents industries. The male part of shoppers prefer to buy electronics, domestic appliances, building materials, auto parts and sport goods. For their part the female online consumers give their preference not only to make-up, the most money is spent on shoes, clothes, books and products for children.

Finally the most visited E-Shop in Ukraine is still 46% of Internet users name this retailer first of all, followed by eBay’s local competitors  and small ads service No wonder, the marketing department of spends giant sums of money on offline  TV, Banner and Social Media advertizing and even in Kiev metro you will see its stickers on every entrance and exit.

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