VKontakte Ads now with Retargeting Tool

VKontakte expands its Advertising Services consistently. After the introduction of the new Post Ads Stock in October 2013 follows a new service for advanced advertisers  – Retargeting.  From now on with the help of a special tracking code, which can be built into the merchant’s site , VKontakte gathers behavioral information about the site visitors and their actions, e.g. registrations for newsletters, flyer downloads, categorizing of the preferred products, visits of special landing pages and similar. All users will be finally arranged in special groups according to their characteristics.

WD7Ubbafce4 VKontakte Ads now with Retargeting Tool

Furthermore all these groups can be used as a filter option for targeting while setup of a new advertising campaign on VKontakte. The number of groups for one Ads Account is limited to 100.

Those advertisers who already have any information about the current and potential buyers like Emails, phone numbers, VKontakte IDs are able to import those data with a special Retargeting interface or API.

According to VKontakte the usage of the Retargeting function in 2013 by special “big” clients showed a triple increase of CTR and Conversion Rate improvement up to 2,5%.

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