VKontakte launches Posts Ads Stock

On the 18th of October VKontakte launches its Posts Ads Stock within the single communities and pages of the biggest social media network in Russia and former USSR countries. The information was announced by Alexander Kruglov, the popular evangelist of VKontakte, during the Russian Internet week on Moscow.

The Posts Ad stock within VKontakte is firstly launched as a beta version and will be tested by “VIP communities” with a limited access.  The tool should serve as the centralized post ads platform where merchants can find strongly influential communities, which could be used for an ad placement.

What is the process behind the Posts Ads Stock:

  1. The community administrator activates an option “Ads” in the backend and comes into the list of communities which will be placed within the stock.
  2. The merchant looks for a match and buys an ad placement. The price is set by the community administrator. The ad can be posted on the wall only once per day.
  3. VKontakte gets a provision amounting to 10-15% from every ad sale.

The Post Ads Stock of VKontakte is going to be a very powerful “social affiliate network” within the community and at the same time a lethal blow for external Social Ads Stocks like Sociate.ru, which was one of the most successful platform for ads within VKontakte till today. Things certainly remain exciting!

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VKontakte launches Posts Ads Stock , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating