VKontakte vs. Facebook: How Russians consume social networks? (Infographic)

Gemius research company published its survey results, according to which the most Russian internet users spend about 7 hours per day in VKontakte and only about 1,5 hours on Facebook. Moreover there are some social demographical differences between VKontakte and Facebook users, beginning from age, geographical location, education and more.

According to audience analysis both Facebook and VKontakte users are mainly women in the age of 25-34 years old. As to educational level Facebook users in Russia have in most cases university degree in comparison with VKontakte users, who own high school degree in most cases. This fact can be explained by age distribution, as far as about 27% of VKontakte users are about 18-24 years old. The same age group is presented on Facebook with 19% of users. Finally as to the income differences, Facebook users have a higher level of income than their local social neighbours.

To sum-up, the current usage development is actually rather positive for Facebook, as far as according to ComScore evaluation 2013 Russian users spent in average about 30 minutes on American social network.

To know more information about the Russian Social Networks consumers check out the infographic below.

unnamed VKontakte vs. Facebook: How Russians consume social networks? (Infographic)

VKontakte vs. Facebook (Russia)

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