Welcome to Digital Russia – the Promised Land for your business

Nowadays in the time of globalization and high technological development, there is no doubt that Russian Online market is getting into a flourishing phase and is rapidly growing.  Just take a look on the Internet World Stats statistics for Europe, which prove the fact of enormous Internet usage in Russia with 68%, which is much more than in Germany and United Kingdom. The most Russian digital natives spend their free time in  social networks like VKontakte or searching for information in Yandex.  And that is only the begin. With the Internet usage growth there is a proportional increase  of users’ needs for goods, which can be promoted and consumed in the World Wide Web. That is a good news!

users in russia Welcome to Digital Russia – the Promised Land for your business

Internet usage behaviour in Russia

The bad news is that in the reality there is no balance between supply and demand. The most active online advertisers in Russia are coming from the IT industry, e.g. Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Compaq, IBS and others account for 65% of the whole online advertising volume. The other big global players are still unsure and prefer to invest in the classic advertising forms like print and TV.

who owns runet 1024x508 Welcome to Digital Russia – the Promised Land for your business

Who owns RuNet? (Source: Fresher.ru)

On one hand international big brands should recognize and take an advantage of the First Mover effects. What they for sure already do. But on the other hand the Russian online market is for many Western companies a kind of black box, which is full of ignorance and uncertainty. That is not only the geographical distance, which divides two “worlds” and causes a lots of questions. There are more factors like history, mentality, language, law, Internet usage behavior, purchasing decision process, online payment systems, different way of negotiation and  management and much more.

 All these things have a huge influence on business making in Russia and present a high barrier for foreign online marketers to enter the booming market, which has a lot of potential to exploit. In the following blog posts you will get more and more information, which will give you a necessary information in order to make the first steps into the Russian Online Business. Stay tuned!

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