Western Digital “My Cloud”: the new cloud storage solution is available in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the digital era users need more and more space to save and manage their information.  It is not only the storage space itself, what is significant, but more the immediate access and the availability of the data. The new Western Digital cloud storage solution “My Cloud” is a very attractive proposal to cover these needs. The presentation of the new product in Ukraine was aimed to communicate all features of “My Cloud”, which users can get buying the storage.  Here is a brief overview of the main functions.  

“My Cloud” allows managing your data safe and quickly; one can access the data personally and also let other users access the data or create some users groups with different access priorities.  The device can be used as a part of home multimedia system as well, as far as it supports the streaming function of any multimedia type either from media player or smartphone . In order to configure these functions, users must use the DLNA connection. However, you can connect “My Cloud” on your PC with LAN only.

wd Western Digital “My Cloud”: the new cloud storage solution is available in Ukraine

Users will not have any problems with the required space for the device at home or at office, because “My Cloud” looks like a small rectangular box and weights about only one kilogram.

The device has two LEDs on its case for the indication of the normal operation (blue led on the front side) and for the connection to the network (green led at the back side).

The amount of the data that can be stored on “My Cloud” is restricted to 2, 3 and 4 TB by the manufacturer.  However you can connect some compatible, additional storage device via USB 3.0 and  “My Cloud” will increase its storage capacity automatically.

The construction of the new cloud storage protects the device from overheating. The electronic part of the storage itself uses a passive cooling system. Inside of “My Cloud” is a hard drive of the Western Digital “RED”-series. It increases the general system stability during the long time operation and heavy load.

“My Cloud” can be used very easy; at the beginning the wise wizard will prepare the system for the proper operation.  You can access the storage through the installed browser on your PC. Additionally you can install a special managing software to use your storage with a smartphone or tablet.  But users should know, that in this case it is possible to manage any personal preferences of the system.

“My Cloud” allows you to access any public cloud services, such as Google Drive, sky Drive, DropBox and iCloud.  Find out more information about the product here.

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