What’s App is down, Telegram is on the ride!

Since Facebook bought What’s App is the most popular messenger worldwide is down. People all around are really angry and seed their outrage in social web. The problem began today in the evening on the 22th of February. And I still like more than 100M users can’t connect!:(

So… Facebook buys WhatsApp and WhatsApp stops working? #faceplam
— MissMalini (@MissMalini) February 22, 2014

Everyone’s moving like they cant live without whatsapp
— GoodJamaican (@tannikealee) February 22, 2014

k1YXWDu Whats App is down, Telegram is on the ride!

The representatives of What’s App announce that they are currently have some server problems. And that is, just to note, for three hours already.

sorry we currently experiencing server issues. we hope to be back up and recovered shortly.
— WhatsApp Status (@wa_status)

The good thing is that Pavel Durov’s baby Telegram get more and more active users especially in Europe. Hmm, isn’t it weird?

This is crazy. We’are getting 100 new registrations every second. Trying hard to prevent connection issues in Europe.
— Telegram Messenger (@telegram) February 22, 2014

But bad news also for Telegram! For 20 minutes due to the massive usage and new registrations also its  servers got down:

The SMS gateways we use to send registration codes are overloaded and slow — 100 SMS per second is too much. Trying to find a solution.
— Telegram Messenger (@telegram)

Well nothing and no one is perfect, even the Big Mark!:)

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What's App is down, Telegram is on the ride!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating