Yandex.Direct with brand new options

If you are looking for more opportunities how to generate fast leads on the Russian Internet, you should absolutely include Yandex.Direct to your online marketing mix. As already described in previous articles, Yandex.Direct is a Google Adwords similar platform, where you can buy an ad placement on a click basis.Yandex.Direct team is hardly working on adjustment of platform’s functionalities, in order to satisfy all advertisers needs. The most recent change was announced last week. From now on you get more options for individual visualisation of your ad unit. Among other things there is a possibility to unable links with underscore, so that your links looks more natural.  Furthermore advertisers can change the colour of fast (conversion) links, to emphasize the most necessary information. Finally every ad gets a special collapse frame, which serves like a dividing line between two different ads.

Here is an example, how your individual ad on Yandex can look like:

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If you want to get more information about Yandex.Direct and special features, use the help area or contact one of the account managers.

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