Yandex fights against Black Hat SEO. No links, no spam, only relevant search!

On the 5th of December in Moscow took place one of the most important conferences for Russian Online Business IBС Russia. One of the highlights of the conference was presentation of Alexander Sadovsky, Head of Web Search at Yandex, which had a promising title “Yandex: One Year Later”.

In his presentation Alexander presented the most significant updates made by Yandex since January 2013, as far as the current year had a straight direction under the motto “We solve tasks!”.

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One of the most innovative updates was the launch of Yandex.Islands, which should become the next generation search. Yandex.Islands provide users with a necessary solution directly in SERP without forwarding him to the landing page. With Yandex.Islands every user is able to make transactions like booking hotels or product buying in only one step.

One more trend is short optimization. This technology is the result of gathered behavioral information and provide the users while search with automotive hints based on past activities within the search engine.

Beside some other updates, like launch of a system of human voice recognition, new Cyrillic capthas, Yandex.Market reload and image based search, the most public resonance was aroused by the following announcement: the new ranking algorithm of Yandex won’t take external links into consideration any more. This update will come in force from January 2014 and should be the first step to the better search results and high-qualitative content and also a countermeasure against blackhat SEO and spam respectively. First this update will be valid for commercial sites in Moscow region, but later on will be applied to the rest Russian webmasters. Every webmaster, who tries to manipulate the behavioral factors, will get a penalty. Alexander recommends to invest money which was spent on links before into adjustment of the site quality. Yandex won’t recall the announced update and made already some tests, which showed positive results.

The whole SEO community of webmasters and marketers is absolutely outraged and have lots of unanswered questions about the future optimization activities.

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Yandex fights against Black Hat SEO. No links, no spam, only relevant search!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating