Yandex knows what you want!

Yandex launched new TV campaign in order to promote search hints technology… and certainly the coming spring:)

For some years the main message of company was “Ask Yandex”. Today Yandex emphasizes in its new campaign, that you don’t even need to ask. The most powerful search engine of RuNet knows what you want to search from the first finger print on your keyboard.

On the official Yandex page you can find a series of great spring campaign videos and “running” search hints, which appear on the website’s background. The next video is coming on the 10th of March.

yanndex spring campaign 1024x493 Yandex knows what you want!

Surprised? Yandex really has the same technology as Google and shows you the wished results from the first letter. Everything you need to do is to begin to search and you will get a list of possible search queries. The good thing is in some cases you will get your answer directly near your request. Yandex knows what you want, isn’t it great?!:)

yandex search hints 1024x471 Yandex knows what you want!

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