Yandex launches analytics tool for mobile apps

On the 21th of October Yandex announced near the existing analytics tool Yandex.Metrika for  websites the launch of Yandex.Metrics for mobile apps:

“We at Yandex like in every corporation, which develops mobile apps, would like to create a behavior profile of our users. This information includes where do they come from, what devices they use, what interface language they prefer, what Internet speed they have and what are the preferences regarding the apps, which we place at disposal to our customers.” 

yandex.metrica apps Yandex launches analytics tool for mobile apps

Yandex.Metrica for Apps (Source: Yandex)

The PR department of Yandex also revealed some details about the  functionality of the new analytics tool. Yandex.Metrics for mobile applications is compatible  with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. It includes every feature, which is important for usability and simple understanding. With an self-explanatory interface app the developer can find all the necessary statistics about his users only by several clicks.

As far as you get your account on the official APP Metrica page, your report provide you with the following parameters: geographical position of the users, version of the app, OS type and version, type of mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and its manufacturer, display resolution, interface language, mobile communication provider, Internet connection, user’s actions and sessions within the app.

yandex.metrica apps login Yandex launches analytics tool for mobile apps

Yandex.Metrica for apps, administration area

The plans are really huge regarding the Metrics analytics tool as far as the presented version is only the first step in an exciting mobile analytics world. The next generation of the tool is already being developed and the second version will also provide its users with diverse marketing tools, like information about the traffic source, conversion tracking and optimization and much more.

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