Yandex makes Facebook posts indexing possible

From today on Yandex begins to index the Russian Facebook posts. That means all text, photos or video posts, which are published in a public mode, will be directly indexed by the Russian search engine and shown within the search results. Yandex is the second worldwide biggest search engine after Bing, which cooperates with Facebook in terms of semantic search.

„Yandex concluded a treaty with Facebook according to which we get the complete access to the public data of the social network (firehose) from Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian users  and some other post sovjet countries. You can find the first Facebook posts already within the Yandex blog search, later on they will be listed within the main Yandex search results on” – announced the Yandex press-service.

Sumsung Russia Facebook Yandex makes Facebook posts indexing possible

If you don’t want to see your Facebook data on Yandex, just adjust your Facebook account settings and post in a private mode.

The popularity and virality degree of the Russian Facebook links / posts will become an important ranking factor on Yandex.

Yandex is already working with Twitter in such a way, and  indexes status updates in LiveJournal, VKontakte and others.

What do you think, is it a win-win situation for both companies or kind of invasion of privacy of the Russian Facebook users?

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