Yandex.Maps redesigned: more maps and features!

Yandex continues to reload its services and to adapt them to the newest design and usability trends. The latest update was presented on the 12th of November during an Online Marketing event in Moscow and concerns Yandex. Maps. The management of Yandex demonstrated the new core of the map service, which was optimized for the whole world map.

“During the whole existence period of Yandex.Maps we have never done something similar. The entire process was comparable with overhaul of a flying airplane. We recoded the complete core of Yandex.Maps, which enabled to create a sole design and a special infrastructure for real-time updates.”

The frequent update is one of the most significant new elements of Yandex.Maps, it is much easier to make structural changes and to correct any deficiencies. The maps of Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia and Kasachstan will be updated monthly; other foreign maps, which are based on the data of Navteq Corporation, will be updated every three months.

yandex.maps  Yandex.Maps redesigned: more maps and features!


The new maps are more detailed; they include even the outlines of single houses, metro stations and footpaths. In overall more than seven million objects, the most visited touristic places and placenames from 237 countries were translated into Russian language.

If you want to play with new Yandex.Maps, they are accessible both in browser and on your mobile phones, whereby you can use mobile version for now only in online mode. The new beta version still includes the information about the jams on the streets, which makes it easy to optimize your way, if you are in a hurry to meet your business partners.

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Yandex.Maps redesigned: more maps and features!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating