Yandex.Market Reloaded

Yandex is known for its vertical search and lots of services which cover almost all of the needs of the Russian users: from Yandex. Videos and Music till Yandex.TV-Program and Realty service. Among them is Yandex. Market, which is actually an online advertisements blackboard like Craiglist or similar, where users can sell and buy diverse stuff under different categories. It was launched 2000 and now includes about 11.000 online shops, which are officially approved by Yandex. After 12 years the developers decided to reload Yandex.Market and to update it accordingly the new design requirements, payment methods and trends. In order to make a first impression about the ex-design, just follow to the official Yandex.Market page, as far as it is still available with old features. Yandex.Market Reloaded

Yabdex.Market (old design)

The new Yandex.Market, will be officially available from the end of the year 2013, still you have alreadynow a possibility to apply for the beta version and to click through the new functions.

new Yandex.Market Reloaded

Yandex.Market (new design 2013)

 Let’s go through the main innovations of Yandex.Market.

The registered online-shops, which cooperate with Yandex not less than three months and have a minimum rating – three stars, can place their ware as usual and handle on CPA basis. The users buy and complete their customer journey within the market, without leaving the platform, so that all the leads can be verified directly after the end of the buying process. functions Yandex.Market Reloaded

New Yandex.Market (functions)

From every single sale Yandex gets a commission in the amount of 1%. This mechanism is actually pretty similar to any affiliate network or Ebay.

Yandex.Market CPA Yandex.Market Reloaded

Yandex.Market (CPA)

The old CPC-model is still valid within the Yandex.Market. But from now on the same shop can switch between the both payment models, CPA and CPC.

Yandex.Market CPC and CPA Yandex.Market Reloaded

Yandex.Market (CPC and CPA)

Yandex.Market apply for entry Yandex.Market Reloaded

Yandex.Market (apply for entry)

The new entry conditions, which were mentioned above present a very hard limitation for shops, which are young and don’t have much experience in working with Yandex. On the other hand that should  serve as a motivator to accomplish high quality work and to offer first-rates service to their users. If you want to know more about the new Yandex.Market, click here and share your opinion in the comments below.

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