Yandex.Metrics 2.0 is coming!

Every webmaster knows – if you want to analyze the performance and to increase the conversion of your website optimized for Google search engine, it is inevitable to use Google Analytics. Unfortunately this tool won’t help you much, if you want to optimize your website for Yandex. For this purpose the Russian search engine magnate created its own Analytics tool – Yandex.Metrics. Its functionality is pretty similar to Google Analytics, as far as it includes the information about the following KPIs like: number of visitors, traffic source, conversion rate, demographic data, etc. Nevertheless there are some differences, which are typical for Yandex and its services respectively. To know more about the solitary functionalities, just visit the Yandex.Matrics page.

yandex.metric demo Yandex.Metrics 2.0 is coming!

Yandex.Metrics (Demo)

Yesterday on the 14th of November, in the framework of the iMetrics , the third professional conference devoted to Web Analytics, Evgeniy Kurshev – the developer of Yandex. Metrics, presented the coming changes of the tool in his report “Metrics 2.0″.
The most exciting change is the possibility to segment data of every single page on the micro level. Which means the webmaster can construct his report according to his objectives, which would include the detailed data of every step made by users within his website.

In order to understand how this instrument  works, you can test it creating the special “Goals” in Yandex.Metrics. The data can be filtered without any limitations, including the historical numbers of the last years.  Furthermore the comparable analysis of different statistics groups will be possible with the next generation of Yandex. Metrics. All the created filters will be personalized and saved in the owners profile.

These are the new features, which were emphasized by Evgeniy:

  1. Webmaster is able to get any detailed data of his website – from global page statistics to visitors profile.
  2. Deep segmentation and possibility to compare the filtered results.
  3. Better tool usability and simple interface.
  4. Real-time statistics.
  5. Creation of detailed reports based on self-explanatory graphics and diagrams.
DSCF4590 Yandex.Metrics 2.0 is coming!

Yandex.Metrics 2.0 (Source:

Additionally there will be some changes in Yandex. Metrics API, the new version will be compatible with Google Analytics, which should make the functionality of the tool much better.

For now there is no information about the specific start day . The launch of the second version of Yandex. Metrics will be implemented within two phases, beginning with beta-version for test period and quality management processes.  So.. to be continued!

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