Yandex presented the brand-new browser “transparent” browser

The 27th of November was the Yandex day. The Russian search giant presented the brand-new alpha version of the “transparent” browser, which should change the whole culture of the user experience on the Internet. Because browser need to evolve hand in hand with the development of the internet and to support the newest technologies.

One of the most innovative features of the new Yandex browser is its transparency. There are no more unnecessary features like panels or buttons, which cover the screen and important information. In this way the user is totally focused on his surfing experience and internet consumption. Broadly speaking, the designers of the browser chose the strategy “The best interface, is no interface!”.

The second significant update of the browser is “smart search”, which main task is to help the user to solve his daily tasks and to know the user’s needs. From now on, the user can get all the necessary information directly from the integrated browser search, whether it be some movie, own email or place. The new browser still includes the previous features like security, turbo load, PDF viewer and more.

To know more about new browser, click here.

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