Yandex.Taxi: track and drive!

Yandex.Taxi – the service which belongs to Russian search engine Yandex and  allows users to call a taxi directly from their browser or mobile app and to track its movement in the map, published an interesting survey  about the activities of the local taxis, based on the service’s data.  In general the results are pretty foreseeable, e.g. the most taxi bookings take place during the working days from 8 till 9 in the morning and in the evening from 22 till 23 o’clock. During the weekends the demand in not so huge.  Yandex.Taxi: track and drive!

Yandex.Taxi (mobile) 2 Yandex.Taxi: track and drive!

Yandex.Taxi (browser version) usage statistics Yandex.Taxi: track and drive!

Yandex.Taxi (daily usage)

Every twentieth Yandex.Taxi user spends about 5,000 Rubel (155$) per month, at the same time about 55% of the whole customers book  “Economy” service, which is in comparison with “Business” and “Comfort” the cheapest one. average booking price Yandex.Taxi: track and drive!

Yandex.Taxi (average booking price)

Yandex.Taxi prices based on service type Yandex.Taxi: track and drive!

Yandex.Taxi (prices based on service type)

Moscow and Saint Petersburg are worldwide known for their rush hours and horrible traffic jams. The survey of Yandex.Taxi confirms this existing legend.
Another interesting fact is – there is no seasonal difference. The only marginal usage deviation can be observed at the end of August, as far as the most of people are on holidays and enjoy sun and beach. On the other hand there is a significant usage increase in December, this is the time of Christmas concerns and parties.

Yandex.Taxi cooperated with more than 80 taxi parks. According to the booking statistics, the most popular automotive brands among  the users are Chevrolet, Ford and  Renault. Moreover if you are a frequent user of this service, you can be a happy participant of some customer retention campaigns and with a little bit luck win a free drive by Maserati Quattroporte;)

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