Yandex.Webmaster with new “Check URL” tool

Yandex.Webmaster announced the launch of new tool “Check URL”, which provides  information about the current status of website indexing in Yandex.

The tool delivers an overview about the following data:

  • The last time your website was loaded
  • Found mistakes during the site load
  • Whether the site was excluded from SERP
  • Link to the saved site copy
  • Site version which got into the index
  • Number of inbound and outbound links

According to Yandex team the data can be crawled during some minutes and will be saved for the next six months. In general you are able to generate until 250 reports for every site. If you add more than 250 URLs the old ones will be deleted automatically.

yandex check url Yandex.Webmaster with new Check URL tool

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Yandex.Webmaster with new "Check URL" tool, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating